Europeisk pälsordförande vanvårdar djur

Idag visades nya bilder i dansk TV från ordföranden för den europeiska branschorganisationen European Fur Breeders Association (EFBA), Knud Vest. Även på hans farm hittades allvarliga brister. Svenska SPR är medlemmar i EFBA och Knud Vest företräder även dem. Hans farm är inte direkt något föredöme.

309 mink på Knud Vests farm311 Ögoninfektion, Knud Vests farm

Här följer danska Animas pressmeddelande:

President of European fur breeders caught abusing animals

Knud Vest is the president of EFBA and as such an ambassador for the fur
farmers of Europe. Lobbying politicians and smooching up to fashion
designers Knud Vest has always claimed that mink in Europe are bred under
strict regulations that ensure a high standard of welfare.

But what are the conditions like on what is supposedly the best fur farm in

A group of Swedish veterinarian students decided to find out and have now
handed the footage over to the Danish animal protection organization Anima.

The footage reveals neglect and a blatant disregard for the animal’s
welfare: Injured mink with wounds from bites, dead mink infested with
maggots left to rot in cages with live animals and animals with their eyes
scratched out.

Quotes from Knud Vest regarding animal welfare:

“One can consider whether one should use fur or not, but there are no
problems with animal welfare.”

“I love my work, which is much more than money. I love mink and I think they
are very interesting animals. I enjoy working with them and they are much
easier to handle than ordinary farm animals.”

“I have a 3-hour rule: When one of my employees find a sick or injured mink,
then within 3 hours it must be decided whether it has to be treated or put

From  EFBA’s promotional video:
"And the essential question is: is it a good way we are doing things, have we
good animal welfare, and we do it in that way." (Knud Vest)

"We don’t argue about animal welfare, it is extremely important, and if it is
uncomplied, then we will ask the authorities really to stop the farm." (Francoise Hossay, managing director EFBA)

All this from the farm of a person who is the face of European fur farming.

Link to high-res video and pictures: